For the artist, Rosalba Arcilla, the realities of the inner and outer worlds converge on the canvas. Her paintings are characterized by persistent new beginnings, constant metamorphosis and a continual rediscovery. The modernity of her shapes, created detached from the oppressive situation, is recognizable in the freedom with which they are remodelled.


Fragile, emotional effects find poetic texture in her works. Rosalba Arcilla’s works include acrylic and pastel paintings as well as various mixing techniques. She does not limit herself to a lone material or subject. She loves variety and tackling the new and experimenting. She experiences every series or picture worked on as a type of breakthrough. “Creativity does not emerge when one seeks it, but rather when the time is ripe. And when inspiration comes, one has to grasp it and go with the flow.”


Travelling, her passion for music and literature as well as her openness to other cultures and people are her sources of inspiration.


She sees her work as the interplay between creative spirit, material and handicraft. When painting, experimenting with various means helps her satisfy a desire to find equilibrium between order and structure, but also between planning (technique and choice of material) and surprise.


For her, giving the beholder enough space for their interpretations, sentiments and impressions is important.